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Nihar Majumder

International Eminent Artist

Nihar Majumder (born in 1967) is among those sprodic few in this country, especially in the northern part of Bengal, who have experimented with the motiffs of particular gods and goddesses; and humans, birds, beasta and reptiles in their wide range of practice in canvas painting. Barely in his forty,Nihar has already come to prominence for his outstanding creations in this genre of art and craft. Like those of the two pioneering celebrities in the realm of Indian Art and Culture,Jamini Roy and Manjit Bewa,Nihar's path is also definitive of his own style, simply for thematic treatment of his current thoughts and observations, superbly expressed through the archetypal forms of the Rajbansi folk-god, "MASAN". Utilizing the advantage of all the sixteen mudras (figures or postures or forms) of this demi-god of evil. Nihar has been translating tirelessly and assiduously his vibrant thoughts and observations of the bevy of struggling people, trudging along their respective paths of life and livelihood; their hopes and frustrations; their pangs and pains and sufferings; their toiling and moiling; their joys and elations and ecstasies and what not! A little careful mind and a pair of connoisseur eyes intending to have discreet scrutiny of the true work of art cannot help appreciating the smiles and tears and bleeding of the so-called plebians of this country captured in Nihar's canvas."


Art Critic. Times of India. New Delhi.

Nihar Majumder

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