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"Artist's thought"

Updated: Feb 22

'Art' is not a literal representation of reality, not just a 'hobby', art is actually a necessity of the redundant. Art is not something that everyone will use every day. However, people have to be creative if they want to reach higher. Because we know, the artist is the best among the people, like the Himalayas among the mountains.

(According to the scriptures) If the artist's presentation is full of creative power, it transcends time, takes its place in the history of art, this is the meaning of art life, which makes the artist's art life beautiful and rich. This is an exact truth in the field of visual arts and all arts. The artist himself always represents the lie. But it seems true, because the artist realizes in his intuition. Brahma is true - the world is false.

From the earliest times in history to now, in various branches of visual arts, artists continue to try to capture the emotions, forms, essences, colors, volumes, and forms of their minds, before where from caves to temples,

Architecture was followed by design, sculpture and painting practices, now with video art installations and many more resulting in "globalization".

Continuous research is going on. Along with this, various aspects of indigenous traditional arts and crafts in various things that are needed by people, are gradually spreading influence in religious ceremonies. Common people unknowingly are uniting themselves with art. Visual art is moving with time in its own sector and new possibilities are constantly emerging.

--by Shiben Chattopadhyay

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Feb 25
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Fantastic writing... Congratulations Sir


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


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